The Zombtank is the sister of the 8-bit Zombtee. Just as infectious, but with a more girly bite! The Zombtank is a uniquely designed front and back video game zombie tanktop. Like the 8-bit Zombtee, the Zombtank shows lovely exposed ribs, sporadic blood splatter and a delicious blood drool trail down the front. As a special bonus the Zombtank receives a 3x multiplier when in the presence of the 8-bit Zombtee or Zombtee: 2.




  • 100% combed ring-spun cotton tanktop
  • unique front and back pixellated video game apparel design
  • for sizing info see the READ ME yo
  • sweat shop free geeky goodness
  • don't start your biting without your Zombtank!

The Zombtank is printed on a super comfy ribbed tanktop, as a result wearing it too tightly can result in the colour of the garment showing through. It's recommended to wear the Zombtank a size larger than you normally would.

The Zombtank is not mass produced but hand printed, as a result what could appear as imperfections (most likely around the seams) are actually intrinsic and characteristic of belt printing as the design is printed onto a finished garment. Small amounts of smudging and colour separation can also occur which is normal for this process. If you have any questions please email me (Luke) at bits@8-bitty.com.