Sarge is an awesome video game camouflage t-shirt. Armed to the teeth and ready to roll, Sarge is your Tier one spec ops tactical recon t-shirt, specifically designed for jungle combat and lazy Saturday afternoons playing Battlefield (or COD, whatevs man). Sarge gives the wearer a competitive edge making them invisible to enemy radar and we'll even throw in a few extra stealth points. 




  • printed on a 100% combed ring spun cotton whisper-quiet t-shirt 
  • printed with super soft ink (WHOA)
  • double needle sleeve and bottom hem
  • for sizing info see the READ ME k?
  • sweat shop free geeky goodness
  • hide in the bushes with Sarge!

Skelesprite is not mass produced but hand printed, as a result what could appear as imperfections (most likely around the seams) are actually intrinsic and characteristic of the printing as the design is printed onto a finished garment. Small amounts of smudging and colour separation can also occur which is normal for this process. If you have any questions please email me (Luke) at