Well, the last couple of months has been pretty large for 8-bitty! The new site, new designs and Oz Comic Con in Melbourne. The new site and Comic Con coincided in the same week which meant some late nights for me! :D

Since 8-bitty's been online I've wanted a better website, but using a template site to get me started made sense. After a busy xmas season last year I knew that 8-bitty was sticking around so early this year I started thinking about the new site. With a lot of help from 8-bitty's web wizard (www.weekends.ws) the new site launched at around 3am on July 4th.

A day and a bit later my trusty sidekick Michelle (The Babebarian) and I packed our suitcases with as many t-shirts as possible and flew to Melbourne. Comic Con was open on Saturday and Sunday but we were allowed to set up Friday afternoon. This was 8-bitty's first major event, neither of us had been to a Comic Con before. We were a little unsure what to expect.

As we approached the almighty Melbourne Exhibition Centre wheeling our chocced suitcases we felt a little unprepared as trucks unloaded stock for other vendors. Once inside we found our home for the next few days and felt more at ease. Comic Con the day before – before it's Comic Con is weird, lots of empty booths and serious looking people. No bright colours, no loud noise. The calm before the geek storm. I could barely imagine the transformation that was about to take place.

Saturday morning the alarm went off bright and early (actually I think it may have still been a little dark). I started the day by setting off the hotel's fire alarm which awoke the entire hotel. Epic! 

We arrived at Comic Con to finish setting up. At 8:55am an announcement was made "main gates will open in 5 minutes". We made last minute checks, waited, then boom! The doors were open and a powerful torrent of geeks came flooding in! Within minutes Comic Con was full of Batmen, X-Men, Ninja Turtles, Storm Troopers and zombies (I could go on). That first day is a bit of a blur now, we met a lot of great people, saw lots of amazing cosplayers and sold a bunch of tees. By the end of the day we were pretty exhausted. We managed to grab some food from Lygon Street before getting a good night sleep.

Day two was a similar blur to day one, except by the end of it we were a little more exhausted and had to pack up our little booth and wheel our left over t-shirts back to the hotel. Comic Con was a really awesome experience, I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Here's a short clip featuring a small interview with moi: