So this morning I got out of bed to be greeted with a new Star Wars The Force awakens teaser! What a great way to start the day! It looks awesome and reaffirms my hope that the film itself will be mean.

Here are my highlights and analysis:

Crashed Star Destroyer in desert

Epic beyond epic! What brought it down and how long has it been there? Is it a downed ship from the RoTJ Death Star battle (unlikely) or some more recent space battle (hope so). In the foreground we see a downed X-wing, implying this is some sort of Rebel vs Empire altercation and not some crazy DUI incident. Look carefully and you’ll see it’s taken some serious damage – there’s a massive hole along the elevated side but it looks like it was caused by an internal explosion! Xenomorphs? Meth lab? Batman?

It’s been revealed that the desert isn’t Tatooine, but a new planet called Jakku.


Poor Vader has seen better days, but it was nice to see a him referenced. Apparently he will make an appearance in the film in flash back sequences. I wonder where and why this scene takes place in the film. Someone has taken Vader’s mask, but who? And why? From a symbolic point of view Vader’s mask looks a lot more skull-like and creepy than usual. Could Vader becoming back as a zombie? LOL.

Fun fact: Luke’s narration is from a scene in RoTJ, although it seems to have been reordered.

Luke’s new hand and old lightsaber

I assume it’s Luke we see place a robotic hand onto R2’s head(?). It looks new and shiny. More robotic and less human-like.

A creature with ET-like arms like passes Luke’s light sabre from Empire to a feminine looking character.


More x-wing over lake action. I’ll never get sick of this.

The Villain

We get another look, although very brief at the cross hilt light sabre being wielded by the hooded villain (Kylo Ren), with a revealing front shot showing his face shot a couple of seconds later (Spoiler alert: it’s actually Jar Jar). He stands in the middle of what looks like a war zone, fire burns all around him, stormtroopers in the background are up to no good and he shoots his hand toward the camera to perform some masterful sith black magic while looking really bad ass.


We see a legion of new stormtroopers looking all tough and proud. There’s a new-look black and white tie fighter in the background and an enormous banner hangs Nazi-style in the background with a new logo. Beneath the banner there’s someone important looking down at the stormtroopers. The environment is snowy like Hoth but there doesn’t seem to be any snow troopers.

Why are the stormtroopers facing away from their leader (assuming it is their leader), have they just been dismissed before being deployed into a war zone (possibly the scene featuring Kylo Ren).

Notice the big canon in the background looks quite similar to canons on each of the Death Stars.

We then see stormtroopers under attack in a tie fighter hanger. Lots of shooting and explosions. We then see Finn (John Boyega) take off his stormtrooper helmet – which again begs the question, what the hell is going on here? Is he a stormtrooper? Is he pretending to be one? What the hell?

Star Destroyer

We get a brief look at the latest Star Destroyer and a couple of shuttle ships. God I hope we get a good space battle from this film.

Super Stormtrooper

He looks like the collector’s edition stormtrooper. Is he spec ops? He’s wearing a cape and has a meaty weapon.

Falcon, Han and Chewy

Much like the first teaser this one finishes with up with a tie fighter-falcon chase scene, I assume  both scenes are from the same sequence. We see the derelict Star Destroyer from the beginning of the trailer (it looks like it’s been there for a long time). We get a quick look at a tie fighter pilot, in black flight gear and a mean-looking red striped helmet. And finally the highlight of highlights we see Han and Chewy in the Falcon looking very much at home, with Han saying “Chewy, we’re home”.

I’ve been thinking a bit about what “Chewy, we’re home” could actually mean. With Chewy armed with his crossbow I think they’ve just reclaimed the Falcon after losing it for quite some time. Whatever it means, I can’t wait to see it!

Watch the whole thing + screen grabs below.