A slightly different direction for 8-bitty, Uzi Gold is the first of 8-bitty’s sprite designs, which feature pixellated eye candy on the front of t-shirts. This design is inspired by one of my all time favourite games, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I put a lot of hours into the multiplayer component of that game and it was glorious. I’ve heard rumours that it could be re-released and remastered for current generation consoles, which I think is a marvellous idea – so long as it was only remastered and all other aspects of the game remain the same. One of my go-to weapons for COD4 was the beautiful gold plated Uzi, typically silenced with iron sights. I can’t remember exactly what had to be done to unlock it but it took a long time. 

8-bitty's Uzi Gold is a slightly comical pixellated take on the gold plated Uzi and will be available very soon in sizes S–2XL. More new designs are on the way.

Here’s a clip I found of the Gold Uzi in action (nostalgia warning):